Why are iMessages being sent to a non-iPhone device?

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Sometimes, iMessaging gets confused. If your iDevice is using iMessaging to a friend without an iDevice, find out how to fix iMessaging correctly.

The tale of iMessaging gone wrong (and how to fix it)

As the story goes, you have a friend who used to have an iPhone. They loved their phone (really, they did). But one day, they decided "No more!" and released their phone into the wild, never looking back. They are now the proud owner of an Android XYZ phone, and they love it like a family member as well. We are all glad your friend loves their non-iPhone, but you still have an iPhone (and love it) and still want to talk to your non-iPhone friend. The simple and proven method has always been sending a text. So you fire up your messages, and start texting a story and a half to your friend.



It wasn't delivered yet? It's been five minutes already! What could possibly... Oh there we go, it resent it as a text message. Well that was annoying. So now any time you want to send a message to your friend, you have to turn off iMessage because they forgot to turn the feature off before abandoning their iPhone forever. But something tells me you don't want to wait 5 minutes every time you send a message to your friend. Something also tells me you don't want to turn off iMessage every time you want to send a message to your friend. And I'm also sensing that you don't really want to let your friend borrow your iPhone so they can fix this issue. So what do we do?

The good news is, Apple in their infinite wisdom already thought of this. If you (your friend) have ever used an iPhone with iTunes, you are safe! Better yet, it's even easy. Here's how:

  • Navigate to the Apple Support Profile
  • Sign in with the appropriate Apple ID and password associated with the iPhone in question
  • Listed on the right is any iPhone associated with this Apple ID. Find the right one, and click on the little arrow inside the circle directly to the right of the iPhone Serial number
  • Make sure this is the correct phone, since it's possible to have several phones listed if upgrades were ever made throughout the life of the Apple ID
  • After verifying this is correct, click Unregister.
  • It should be prompting you with: "Are you sure you want to unregister and delete this product?" Click Unregister again.
  • You should now see: "Your product has been successfully unregistered from this account. You will receive a confirmation email soon."

Congratulations, you have managed to bring sanity back to the world. Now anyone can send messages from their iPhone to your friend, and NOT have to mess around with iMessage settings ever again.

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