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You can block Facebook several ways, using several methods. We discuss how to block Facebook using some of those methods.

So, you've read the other blogs we've written, and you are still puzzled on how to block Facebook? Let's be honest, you are probably not tech savvy or you wouldn't even be here reading how to block Facebook. Or maybe you ARE tech savvy, but the permissions on your computer just won't allow you to block Facebook. Or you're a concerned mother with no clue how to implement our previous suggestions. Fear not, the solution is around the corner. Expect in the next few weeks to follow a revolutionary program that will allow you to block Facebook with the single click of a button, written, designed, and produced by your favorite IT company: Binary Computer Solutions, Inc.

If you want, we can let you know when it's ready: Just subscribe to our (NON-SPAM / NON-SELL YOUR EMAIL) list, and we will keep you updated!

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