Blowing on the Nintendo Cartridge - Did it help?

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Nintendo would be the first to tell you absolutely not. Actually, Nintendo would even say quote the opposite, and warned of corrosion from moisture .

Nintendo Nostalgia

Any 80's kid will tell you the secret to fixing the dreaded errors experienced when playing the original Nintendo is very simple. Take the cartridge out, blow on the contact point, then put it back it. Like magic, it would work again. But, did this technique really help?

Sadly, no. It simply was a way for kids to feel like they were actually accomplishing something. In fact, the only thing that was really happening was the system was getting restarted, much like restarting a computer today solves most problems. Blowing on the cartridge not only was unhelpful, it could actually cause corrosion on the contacts.

At least now we realize hitting reset is the simple solution, but we've lost the fun of taking anything out to blow on first. Isn't technology grand?

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