Complete 180 on Mobile Devices for International Flights

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If you can power on your mobile device, it can fly with you (kinda). If the battery is dead, that mobile device can not go with you; watch your mobile power

Mobile gets a 180

Remember the time when you weren't allowed to use your mobile devices at all on an airplane until after it was in the air, and the captain said "go ahead"? Well....... That's changed, at least on some international flights.

The TSA has issued a press release that basically says if you can't power on your wireless device before boarding the aircraft, you might have to forfeit the device and not have it go on the aircraft at all. The reasoning: Enhanced security measures. The direct reasoning was tied to terrorism, and the potential for an unpowered device to in fact be a weapon.

This seems a bit silly, considering all devices go through a screening process. Why should the power status, or lack thereof, have anything to do with the safety of the device? But, if you plan on international flights, just be sure your device has power, or it might just not go with you.

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