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Getting Windows on your OEM desktop may cost more than Windows on your small device now that Microsoft has issued Windows on devices 9" or smaller for free.

Microsoft gives away more free Windows, sort of

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella states, "...we made the decision to evolve the Windows business model. Now, Windows licenses are $0 for any OEM building a device less than 9 inches. We also added a low cost Windows offering with Bing integration for OEM. This new offering combine with lower hardware spec means OEMs will bring a fantastic line up of value based notebooks and tablets to the markets this holiday."

What this means is potentially less expensive devices (think tablets and phones) coming with Windows installed. The license being $0 for devices less than 9 inches will greatly sweeten the pot for OEM device makers looking to have an operating system. Essentially, Windows and Android now cost the same.

Another thought is about the Xbox system, which appears might get a lot less attention. Again Satya Nadella addresses this with "With our decision to specifically focus on gaming, we expect to close Xbox entertainment studios and streamline our investments in music and video. We will invest in our core console gaming in Xbox live with a view towards the broader PC and mobile opportunity." This seems very much a move to push toward PC and mobile devices, focusing a lot less on the console.

Finally, Satya Nadella wraps up with an ambitious tone. "I hope you can see that we have bold ambitions and we have made a lot of progress. Also know that we are well on the way in evolving our organization and culture to deliver on these bold ambitions. This includes simplifying how we work and modernizing our engineering processes."

Will these moves help Microsoft? Only time will tell, but it appears things are really being rattled around at Microsoft. Let's hope it's the right move.

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