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It was with great sorrow we heard about the passing of Robin Williams yesterday

The passing of Robin Williams - and what you can do

It was with great sorrow we heard about the passing of Robin Williams yesterday. A man of great character, talent, and charisma has been prematurely taken from our world. While we know that there was a big battle with depression, the need for more understanding about this mental illness, among others, is clearly needed. With better understanding comes better ways to manage. With better ways to manage comes the avoidance of a loss of life. Nobody should die because of a mental illness, with support and kindness of others. We have taken the time to make a donation to IMHRO, the Global Innovation for Brain Health. The donation goes to help and enable scientific research to find better therapies for psychiatric disorders, and to give people who live with these disorders a better chance to live well. We have specifically made the donation to go to research in depression.

IMHRO can be found on facebook as well as Twitter.

While our donation can't bring back Robin Williams, perhaps it can help prevent future loss of life.

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