Sell yourself, sell your phone.

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Data Theft occurs, even on a used phone that has been wiped clean several times. Theft happens when data that you thought was gone is recovered. Stop Theft.

Identity Theft is easy with Technology

Over 80,000 used smartphones are for sale online every day. You can find anything from antiquated technology, to brand new (only been used a month) phones. But what you might not realize is the startling fact that you might be selling a little piece of you when you sell your used smartphone on the internet, or those convenient kiosks in the local mall. According to a recent study done by security company AVAST, you are likely to lose a piece of your identity when you sell your used smartphone. Even if you wipe your phone and erase the data, chances are it's still not gone. The study was conducted on Android phones which were purchased off the internet, and simple software which is easy to obtain was used to recover and restore deleted files. The statistics will blow you away.

Of the 20 phones purchased with the intention of recovering "erased" data:

More than 40,000 pictures were recovered. Of those recovered, many were family pictures with children, or of women and men in various forms of nudity. Also, over 1000 Google searches were discovered. Over 750 emails and text messages were recovered. Over 250 contact names, including an email address, were found. 4 of the 20 were able to determine the previous owners' identity. They even recovered one complete loan application. That seems like sensitive data.

While we can not personally vouch for any given software, the study suggests using their software will protect you if you are on an Android device.

It might lend a fleeting thought about what exactly you are selling, and you might want to investigate methods to properly clean and wipe your phone before you sell it. After all, what do you have that you don't want others to see? Chances are they will see it if you do nothing.

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