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Microsoft is reaching out to you to help make Windows 10. Microsoft finally realizes the people need what they've been asking for. Will it work Microsoft?

Microsoft asks for your help

Microsoft has done a one up, and basically asked for your input on how to make Windows. They figured they couldn't figure it out on their own, so the users must be right and maybe it's time to start listening to the people actually using the software. With the bungle of Windows 8, and the not so fixed "fix" of Windows 8.1, Windows 9 won't even be needed. By opening up to a Technical Preview version of Windows, which the Vice President of the Windows team Joe Belfiore introduced in a YouTube video put out by Microsoft (seen here: ), Microsoft has essentially admitted they don't know what they are doing, and need your help. He explains that it allows you to see what they are building, as they are building, so you can submit feedback on what you like or don't like. This is starting to sound like open source without the open source coders.

"...your feedback becomes part of the next version of Windows", states Belfiore. He continues by saying, "The Tech Preview is meant for PC experts who are comfortable downloading unfinished software." He also explains, "...there will certainly be some rough edges, but we'll be updating it regularly."

"It represents the first step in a whole new generation of Windows," Microsoft Executive Terry Myerson said. Microsoft said it will focus on one Windows product family across devices. Its corporate users will find Windows 10 "familiar, compatible and productive".

You need to register to become an "insider" to get the Tech Preview. He goes on to explain some of the features that you will see. First being the "familiar start menu", so yes, you actually have the start menu that's been there since Windows 95. They also changed the Metro Apps, so you can resize, maximize, and minimize Apps like any normal Windows program. They also made it when you snap windows to a side, it will make "smart suggestions" on how to snap the rest of your applications. And, in classic Microsoft fashion, they stole a page out of the linux GUI book by making multiple desktops available. Not enough room on one desktop, make a new desktop and fill that too!

The Tech Preview is supposed to be for development over the "next several months", which would make their early 2015 release date a real possibility. But, with so many hands involved in the say of what's good and what's not, will this be a smashing success, or an absolute failure? Only time will tell.

One odd thought was why Microsoft skipped over the "Windows 9" title, instead going directly to Windows 10. Myerson commented, "When you see the product in its fullness I think you will agree with us that it is a more appropriate name."

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