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Do computers dream? Artificial Intelligence may lend a resounding yes to that question; Artificial Intelligence can already generate art. What's next in AI?

Artificial Intelligence has many Applications

For those that haven't heard, Google Research released a blog on Wednesday where they essentially showed that they are able to train recognition in a way unlike before.

"we train networks by simply showing them many examples of what we want them to learn, hoping they extract the essence of the matter at hand"

What this means is the network can learn what an object is by being objective.  Essentially, any object has characteristics which are uniquely identifiable.  The network will choose to focus on those characteristics of the objects when "looking", and can with surprisingly accurate results learn and recognize objects.  It's not just recognizing an object that's important though.  It's so much more!

It is able to recognize a single object you show it, like a pencil for example.  Show it any pencil, size, color, and how big the eraser is and obviously it's looking at two different objects.  The fun part is when it ignores size, color, and how big the eraser is; then concludes it's a pencil based on what it knows about pencils already.  This is real.  Artificial intelligence is taking a huge step forward, and Google is pushing through.

Google placed their image recognition neural network into a feedback loop, and it created a bunch of images.  Some of these images were random and bizarre, others were closer to the image attached today.  

The image attached today is of something the Google Image Recognition Neural Network generated randomly.  Random, or intelligent?  You be the judge.

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