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Google is making a giant change this week that could crush millions of small businesses. Are you mobile ready? Mobile search results will be priority soon.

Mobile Search is changing

A quick Google search for "April 21 Google algorithm change" will show some results that are a bit scary. If you're curious about what exactly the public opinion is on the matter, check out these headings:

"Google is making a giant change this week that could crush millions of small businesses" (source: Business Insider)
"Google's Mobile Friendly Algorithm to Have Greater Impact than Panda or Penguin" (source: Search Engine Journal)
"A Google change means your website had better be mobile-friendly" (source: Fortune)

Mobilegeddon is the new coin word for this. So what is the hype, and why does it really matter? Want to see something a little more visual? Check out how many Smartphones have been sold today. Scary to see that visually, but guess what; each and every one of those devices is capable of browsing the internet, and reaching your website. While a bit slower, tablet sales are also increasing quite a bit. By comparison, Computers are still being sold, but the sheer volume is just much less.

Okay, so enough with the glitz and fancy graphics. Here's the basic idea. If you have a website, and you are not worried about traffic, don't do anything. You have absolutely nothing to worry about. Honest! If on the other hand you do have a website, and traffic is important to you, it might be worth taking a few minutes to evaluate if your website is mobile friendly. Use this tool to quickly determine if you made the cut

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