Did Facebook create a Paradox?

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Facebook created a paradox which helps marketing people like you get ahead! Figure out how marketing on Facebook with this paradox method will help you win.

Facebook Marketing through the Paradox Method

So what exactly do I mean by "Did Facebook create a Paradox?"

That might sound a little far out there, and if you can follow the logic, you might too believe they did.  This is not a joke.

Facebook is the biggest invasion of personal privacy.  BEFORE you jump on me, this is a complete review.  I will cover more than just this, trust me.  Let’s stay on topic though.  Facebook invades each one of us who use it, and even those who do not use it, more often than not daily.  This is done through several methods:

a)      Voluntarily / Willingly providing the information directly through Facebook

a.       Posts you make

b.      Posts others make about you

c.       Posts you and others agree on (think group posts, etc)

d.      Shared interest pages (Brands, Products, Ideas, Inventions, Scams, Business and Personal use, on and on!)

b)      Hearing about it from someone else who uses Facebook when you do not.

c)       Family photos where parents do not use Facebook and kids in the family upload photos

d)      This goes on…

It has really reached everyone on a level that is unlike any other sensation.  There are those who completely oppose the “privacy violations” by using Facebook to protest Facebook.  Ironic isn’t it?  Without the dismissal of privacy, you cannot protect your right to protest in any significant way and be seen, heard, etc.  You are forced to use what you protest to get seen and heard. 

So one would ask the real simple question, did Facebook create a Paradox?  Yes, yes they did.  Because it goes beyond simple privacy concerns.  You think you have it licked, and can follow the privacy rights that Facebook grants you.  Yes, you can create groups and filter what you say to a select group.  It’s amazing, really! 

So your privacy is preserved, sort of…  Facebook has access to that information, the second you hit post.  It no longer is your private thought, it is globally known.  You may think it’s not, but trust me it isThe Outrage!  You did all that to protect your privacy, just to have the harsh reality known that Facebook will affect you regardless of what you think you are doing counter to that.

So what is the paradox?  Have you gotten it yet?

It’s simple.  Honestly it is.  Facebook is the power of harnessing the human mind and computer together.  Facebook is the ultimate Artificial Intelligence, because it’s not artificial; it’s organic, human, and real.  Yet it only exists on servers, powered by electricity, with a LOT of copper and cable across the entire globe.  Beamed into every phone, every computer, every mobile device and tablet.  At your fingertips, and ready to go.

Cool huh?

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