I think Microsoft Edge has been Hijacked, what do I do?

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Popup windows fail to display contents after first popup window has been opened | This is a known issue where Microsoft Edge Hijacked itself. The fix here.

Microsoft Edge Hijacked - What to do to fix this known issue

So it's actually a known issue. You are using the new spiffy Microsoft Edge Browser, because hey, it really is pretty cool. It's integrated into Windows 10, so use of features such as Microsoft Cortana work faster to display relevant data to you. Long story short - it's great. Until... You somehow get to that webpage. You've seen it, or if not, I'm sure you will. The image today shows that nasty webpage. Ring any bells?

Yeah, that tab opens up, and then a popup opens making you have to pay some money to get a security update; or how about the one that demands your bank account numbers to get control of your browser again. Honestly, it's scary shit. You click on the OK button hoping it will go away, but the same popup comes back again. Again and again you try to make it go away, but the damn button doesn't make it go away! You can't click on the X to close Microsoft Edge because the popup prevents it! Shit... What do you do... What do you DO?

Hit the forums. They are a great resource. It's where I found this gem. So they know about it, and if you read down further it says they fixed the issue too on July 10, 2015. So why is it still an issue? What exactly is happening? More to the point, what is the real fix? Okay, so everyone out there is claiming to know the answer. The simple fix is to change what your browser opens at startup. You click on the three cool dots in the top right corner, click on settings, change the homepage to new tab on startup. GREAT! It's fixed!

Yeah, or not. You can't click on those three cool dots, because the popup window is waiting for you to click OK. So fire up task manager and kill Microsoft Edge. Try again. Open Microsoft Edge, and... Oops... The popup is back again. The tab never closed because you killed Microsoft Edge. So it automatically restores what was there before, instead of asking you if you'd like to restore your session like other browsers. It's not malware, it's a bug in Microsoft Edge.

But how do you fix it? Most suggest reformatting or restoring your system. Honestly, that's rather drastic. Try this instead... See down in your task bar, next to the Start Symbol, the round circle. Yeah, that's Cortana. Click on her, she can save you believe it or not. After you click on Cortana, type in google.com, where you should then see it popup at the top of the menu. Click on google.com- with the icon of Microsoft Edge next to it. I know, Microsoft Edge is going to open up again, and the popup will be there, and... Oh wait! It opened Google in a new tab. Now you can go to your settings, change the homepage to be the new tab page, and then close Microsoft Edge. It will ask if you want to close all tabs, say yes. Open Microsoft Edge again, no more popup. Problem Solved :)

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