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Getting the target audience on Facebook correct can be daunting.... OR, extremely simple. Follow us to find out how to get a target audience on Facebook.

Facebook Marketing to reach a Target Audience

Seriously, there does need to come a time when someone has either been stumped, baffled, or otherwise had absolutely no clue they could do something.  It happens to the best of us, but that doesn't mean someone isn't able to help you.  Want to boost posts on Facebook to very specific targeted markets, but hate how you can't change your options to anything besides interests, age, and gender?  Well, actually you can, and it's not even really all that difficult.  Here I'll explain how you can fine tune your audience.

Step 1:  Know the location

So everything comes down to location.  For Facebook, it's not even really all that hidden, but if you don't know the terminology it could be hard to miss.  You are going to start by going to a page you manage, and either find a post you want to boost or create a post you want to boost.  Click on boost.  To the right under Audience, click on "People you choose through targeting".  The drop down will show an option to "Create New Audience", please click that.

Step 2:  Demographics - Light Weight Version

You should now see a spot where you can Name this audience.  Please name it something meaningful to you, as this is not anything the public can see.  

Under location, you can choose to target this by Countries, States/Provinces, or Cities.  Once you choose your location target, you will be able to manually type in the location.  For example, if you wanted to target to just a specific country, you select the Location drop down and set it to Countries.  Below, you would then type in the Country you want to target the ad to.  This will autocomplete and allow you click on options as you type.

Under age, you can select the target range for your new audience.  Select the low and high range for who you feel is most effective for your audience you want to reach.

Is your content perhaps something that should be shown to a specific gender?  This is particularly helpful with marketing a product that requires the use of one gender over another.  Please select either "All", "Men", or "Women" depending on your needs.

You can target by interests, simply put, reach the audience by what they are interested in.  Remember, this is the light weight version.  More details are in the full blown ad manager which allow you to refine this much greater than just interests in the generic sense.  If this version suits your needs, perfect, you're golden.  If not, fear not, Step 3 is your key.

I can not stress this enough...  PLEASE CLICK SAVE at the bottom right of the Create Audience window.

Step 3:  Demographics - The Right Way

Remember that audience you just created?  Well, we needed to do that step first, otherwise you would not be able to fine tune your audience the way you want.  Now, goto the Ad Manager on Facebook.  In the left sidebar is a series of tabs listed.  You should see Account (and a name), Campaigns, Pages, Reports, etc...  Look down, you'll see "Audiences."  Please click on that.

See the audience you created in Step 2?  Click on the name of it.  You will see Audience Details.  See Edit below the Audience?  Please click that.  Hmm, just a few more options here?

Somewhere midway, you will see a dropdown menu with "More Demographics".  Just when you thought you died and went to heaven by targeting demographics, it got better.  Relationship Status, Education, Work, Financial, Home, Ethnics, Parents, Political Affiliation, even Life Events!

So what it essentially breaks down to is simple:  If you know your audience, you will reach them on Facebook.

So why am I telling you this?  Well, honestly, why not?  It's a publically available tool, and everyone is afraid to tell you this deep dark secret without a huge convoluted process where they simply elude to the process, but never really tell you the trick.  Or maybe they have you read an ebook, then another ebook, then another.  Wait, you're trapped!  With fear of getting nothing in return, most companies will guard secrets because knowledge is money.  I'm not even asking for an email address.

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