Mercedes adopting Apple Watch App

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Apple Watch will soon start working in newer Mercedes vehicles due to the auto makers decision to incorporate the Apple Watch directly into their car.

Apple Watch will meet this auto maker real soon

Among those who have already contributed announcements of an app for their automobiles, BMW and Volkswagen, Mercedes is going to be joining the elite who adopt Apple Watch integration.

Anyone with an Apple Watch who was using one of the newest cars (yet to be released as of this posting) would be able to use their Apple Watch as the Navigation Source.  This would then transmit the navigation information the user requested on the Apple Watch to the internal navigation.  When the user gets out of the vehicle, the navigation display switches back to the Apple Watch so the user knows where they are walking to.  Pinpoint delivery, safe as possible, it's obviously not rocket science!

Other reported options are being able to get information such as fuel levels, odometer readings, range, maintenance code, and it will all be displayed on the Apple Watch.  You will need an iDevice with cellular service and a data plan (think iPhone or iPad with cellular) to use these reported options.

Is it time to step up the game a bit?

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