Microsoft Might Have a Home Run!

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Microsoft has held strong to Internet Explorer since the first days it plagued us. Internet Explorer has never been good at anything, so it's finally gone.

The Death of Internet Explorer

This might just be what puts a spring back into Internet Explorer - getting rid of it.  Yes, I know, before everyone gets heartbroken, they only dropped the name.  For a while, they were calling it Spartan, and there was a lot of rumor stating that Spartan would be the official name.  Alas, Microsoft got a little "creative" and in turn called it "Microsoft Edge".  Joe Belfiore, Microsoft’s corporate vice president of the operating systems group stated the name referred to “being on the edge of consuming and creating.”  That's an awfully bold statement, and Microsoft has showed this attitude in regards to everything related to Windows 10.

Windows 10 can be seen as many things symbolically.  10 is Binary, 0 and 1, the very core of computing.  10 also skips 9, which shows Microsoft was afraid of the number 9.  Lucky number 9?  Probably not, but they have long since seem cursed by a pattern of good then bad.  It's most prominent with Windows XP being an amazing OS, just to be followed by what was seen as a failure by many - Windows Vista.  Then again with Windows 7 being rock solid, just to be followed by a rushed and cumbersome Windows 8; and a marginal improvement for 8.1.  Microsoft hasn't exactly won over fans with Windows 8, because they rushed it too quickly and got too many things wrong.  At this point, they need to make it right, or potentially risk seeing their market share slide.  That said, they have been very public about the Windows 10 Technical Preview.  The Technical Preview has gotten a lot of media coverage, and people are talking about it.

There's a reason for all the talk.  This one from all the previews and leaks is looking like a winner.  The attitude might actually be justified, and not just an overconfidence that comes from the sheer need to succeed.  

Belfiore also stated that Edge will have support for extensions.  This means IE, sorry, Edge, might actually be able to play ball with the other browsers.  If it's anything like this video, it might secure a win with developers. Click to watch it now.

Who knows, they might just pull it off.

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