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Mobilegeddon is going to hit and drop website traffic everywhere. What is Mobilegeddon? Mobilegeddon: how every mobile website is going to shape the future

Mobilegeddon is going to hit and drop website traffic everywhere

To quote the very first search result for new Google algorithm, "If your website traffic plummets suddenly Tuesday, you can blame it on Mobilegeddon."

So today is the day, it's happened, regardless of you wanting it to or not.  You now have to deal with "Mobilegeddon".  In case you haven't been watching, "Mobilegeddon" is Google attempting to adjust the way people use the internet.  It's really nothing short of that.  Do you use a mobile phone to search for content on the web?  If so, this will actually help you.  While most webmasters are upset about this huge change, the reality is, it's a change for the better.  This change will make it so websites will load quickly, be responsive or mobile friendly, and address concerns about multimedia heavy sites which eat up data plans on mobile devices.

Are you aware that your website actually has a dollar amount assigned to it, and it's that dollar amount that determines how much your website costs others to use it.  The premise is on mobile data, obviously it won't cost any more on a fixed plan like WiFi or dedicated internet (think home or office internet).  While most don't consider this an impact, the reality is unlimited data just simply doesn't exist for most of the population.  If your website takes up a lot of data, you are costing people money before even talking to them.  Hardly an incentive to keep people happy and coming through your door.  And for those that don't care about data costs because they are on a mobile device connected to WiFi or other fixed data, honestly, there's still the consideration of usability of your site.

<strong>To be clear</strong>, this will not impact desktop and tablets - it's focused very much on phones.  And with such small screens, your website should be fast and easily accessible on a phone.  Why would you make it hard for people to reach you?

So yes, it's a huge change - but honestly, it's a change that needed to happen and makes a logical jump.  While most of the tech world is upset because Google is dictating how a website should behave, the end result is the same: an easy to use, easy to access website.  You can still have a media rich website and be mobile friendly.  Mobile friendly is not a nail in the coffin, instead a push to accessibility.  So instead of fighting it, embrace it.  The reality is, you have no choice.  

The future is now.

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