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Website Design is a big umbrella term, one of which is the consideration of trending designs. Without a finger on the pulse, trending designs would pass by.

Trending Designs in Website Design

I wanted to take a few minutes to discuss what is currently trending in the web development market. I want to explain a few different things going on because I feel it's important for everyone to keep up with the times. Unfortunately, the cost of not keeping up to date is simple: you get left behind. That equates to lost money! So how do we address this quickly, and make sure it's not the death seal for your website? The list today should provide better understanding of the trends, both for performance and usability, so you can better optimize your site for today's standards.

  • Single Page Design: You may have noticed an increase in single page designs. For an example, just look at our website and you will get the idea of what a single page layout looks like.  (Edit:  We no longer use a single page design, sorry!)
  • Responsive Design: Responsive design is all the rage now, and honestly, it should be! For those that are unaware of what responsive design is, put simply, it allows the website designer to make a single website which adapts and "responds" to whatever device is loading it. What this means is no matter what you load the website on (mobile, phone, desktop, etc), it will always look good. No more multiple sites for different devices, or a mobile vs desktop site.
  • Clean Website Design: Clean design removes any non-essential design which, while it may look "pretty", it interferes with the overall performance and usability of the site. A lot of sites are moving to strip down the "clutter" and provide clean looking sites.
  • Fixed width Layouts: Another aspect to the clean design is having a uniform, fixed width layout. A common width seen width is something just shy of 1200px wide. Remember, the site is responsive, so it can always scale down on smaller devices.

What does this mean for you? Well, if you want to stay in touch with the trends, you want a responsive, clean, fixed width, single page layout. This will allow for ideal navigation on mobile / tablet devices, as well as provide a very clean and user friendly interface on desktop devices. We touched previously on mobile friendly websites here, as well as here and here. Keeping with mobile friendly, which is all but a requirement for website development now, these tips with what is trending will allow you to design and layout a website which is not only visually appealing, but usable too.

UPDATE:  09/04/17

In the middle of 2017, a shift in thought has occured, and people are moving away from Single Page Design.  We did so as well, and for good reason.  The thought being that on a single page, you can only target a single thought.  So if you want to have the entire company plastered onto a single page, make sure you say something very important in the tags and so on, or it better be a company website that nobody outside the company cares about.  With multiple pages, you can have "landing pages" which allow you to target specific thoughts on each page, making each page much more targeted.  The more targeted it is, the easier it is to market it and reach people organically.

Thought on Trending Designs by Neal Wilson

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