Why an EV SSL Certificate is the Way to Go

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Unless you need to go overboard (as we did) with the green bar with EV SSL Certificates, why not get a FREE SSL certificate from Letsencrypt?

EV SSL Certificates are Great - But no longer recommended as a different options may be better

The following is from Comodo regarding the steps to get an EV SSL Certificate.  (You know, the green name in the address bar like PayPal)



ALL requirements for EV Certificates MUST be verified directly with the government registration authority, or a Qualified Independent Information Source, or via a legal opinion or accountant letter as applicable. The basic verification requirements are:

A. Verify Legal Existence and Identity
This entails verifying the organization registration directly with the incorporating or registration agency.

B. Verify Trade/Assumed Name as applicable.
Only applicable if company does business under a name which is different from the official name of their corporation. Trade name must be registered and verifiable.

C. Verify Operational Existence
This means that we must verify that the company is able to conduct business operations. Typically this means that the company has a current active demand deposit account with a regulated financial institution.

D. Verify Physical address and organization phone number

E. Verify Domain ownership

F. Verify the name, title, authority and signature of the person(s) involved in requesting the certificate and agreeing to the terms and conditions.

To the extent of what that identifies, if you are running a business, this screams credibility.  It proves you are legit, and 100% above board.  What better way to invoke confidence with your clients?


UPDATE: 09/04/2017

EV SSL is stil a great and wonderful thing for businesses to have.  It still screams authority, trust, and security, and honestly isn't super expensive to obtain.  That being said, with the uprise of LetsEncrypt, the CA that issues free certificates and soon to issue free wildcard certificates - all with an automatic renewal by cron feature.  Think of it as set it and forget it SSL.  Unfortunately, LetsEncrypt does not provide EV SSL |:-(

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