Is your message on Social Media not getting through?

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Are you struggling to get your message out on social media?  Okay, so struggling might not quite sum it up. Let us help you with Social Media Marketing tips.

Social Media Marketing 101

Are you struggling to get your message out on social media?  Okay, so struggling might not quite sum it up.  Overwhelmed by social media might be more appropriate, if not for the fact that it really does feel that way most days.  You might have even given up completely on social media.

Reality Check:  You are human, right?  I mean, dogs and cats can type - sure, the internet says so with the meme craze.  If you do not know what a meme is, it's really okay - more people probably do not, only because social media never really refers to "meme".  You have seen them, I can be sure of that.  You might have even gotten annoyed by one.  It's the wonderful picture with the text on top like "I don't always read social media, but when I do, I read it all day." or some other bizarre text you can't even follow.

So what's the point?  Perception!  The size of a company is irrelevant for this conversation.  If a company shows it is socially in touch with the community around it, prospective clients and leads will follow.  

So umm, why?  Humans, remember we all are, generally need to be social.  A feeling of connection, relation, and understanding; that they are not alone are usually motivating factors.  Once you realize your audience is human, and truly accept that, you will be able to reach out and relate with your audience on social media platforms.

There are some general rules which are widely (and not so widely) accepted as general influences of human behavior.  Use of color will greatly impact how someone reacts, and completely changes the context of your message.  Other stimulus can also impact behaviors, such as a luring smell of amazing cookies cooking to get you into a store that sells cookies.  Are you using your knowledge of how humans behave to properly spread your message?

Always glad to help out when I can.  Feel free to fire off questions, or maybe dig deeper into the rabbit hole, here:

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