Genuine Content Creation skills vital to SEO and Brand

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Content is key to Brand Awareness

It's all about content and your brand, and how to keep it genuine

Remember, genuine content is what makes or breaks your marketing.  So let's dig deeper into content creation!

It’s time to sell the Brand: Creating Content

One of the pillars of building your brand online is the ability to provide information about it, or related to it in your website. The only way to offer this information is by creating enticing and quality content. From this moment on, you will take into consideration all the previous work done until this point. And think forward.

It's your website. It's your brand. It's your product. What do you want people to know about it? What information are you willing to share with them? Is not complicated if you put a little mind into it, and some money. The steps to take are somewhat familiar, and a lot less complicated. Much less costly than the previous steps we have taken. Read on to know what to do:

You should create original content

Brand owners constantly mix up a generation of content with the creation of content. Generation implies collecting information related to your brand from other sources. To share it with your customers as informative pieces. Creating content is when they get information about the brand straight out of you. Usually in the blog or the website of the brand. This original content should be created in-house or by your agency. And it should always reflect in a sincere fashion what the brand is all about.

Original Content should be memorable, like a tree being helped out by a hand out of nowhere. Cool huh?

Original content should have the impact to last

Once you write an article for your website take into consideration that if it’s really good, people will keep talking about it. The ephemeral live of a viral post on the internet is of 37 days at best. And the volume of your traffic is people aware of what they want to check on your website.

So if you as the owner of your brand are the one posting content, make sure to make it worthwhile for your visitors. The best advice you can follow to power up your content is by giving it a strong headline. A little food for thought about this: 80% of the people going to your website will catch an enticing headline immediately. But only 20% of them will actually click on it.

Provide Answers

Your customers have questions about your product. Even if they are long time clients, they are bound to make questions. The market evolves. And they are presented with improvements on the same product by your competitors. Be prepared to offer answers through your content. Do research. Get actual numbers and facts that show why new clients should pick you. And why your old customers should stay loyal to you. Be concise, be precise. Be sure to offer visual aids to back up your content. Sometimes words alone won’t do the trick.

Make Your content "Though provoking"

Any writer of fiction will tell you that the best is to leave readers waiting for more. And asking themselves questions. The same principle applies to written content. Your articles of original content should be enticing. They should make the reader feel informed. But at the same time asking themselves new questions that might make them feel closer to the brand.

Always make a strong opening. An affirmation will do the trick (remember to make it factual; clients don’t like to be lied to). Spice up your articles with personal anecdotes. Close your article with an open thought inviting future reading. And remain open to your online community by making an open forum on each article. Add DISQUS or the Facebook plugin toy your website.

Keep Your traffic buzz by updating constantly

Once you have begun to have an online presence you can’t stop. Otherwise you might lose the terrain won. Make a schedule for the website. Make posts regularly, with the standards of quality that bring your audience back. Have guests’ writers post material or opinions. Make OP/ED discussions to get involved with your online community. If you have an agency managing the website, get involved. And post as yourself (the owner of the brand) at least twice a week. Remember to make it SEO friendly!

This is some of the best advice we can take into consideration while building an online presence for our brand. And to create original content. The importance of getting in the game and make these tools work for us will always rely on our intentions of succeeding. Next well be speaking about keeping it social outside your brand website.

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