software or computer degree?

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software or computer degree?

i want to ask a person without software or computer degree can run a website? i am a newbie and a business student but i wanna run a website or a blog is it possible that i could learn the tricks? please help´╗┐

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@erik Thanks for asking about this.  (TL;DR;)  Running a website without software or some form of technology related degree can be accomplished.  The trick is knowing where to look for the resources, and what types of technologies you may encounter and have to work with.

That said, it honestly will take a lot of self discipline, patience, and hours on end of reading and asking questions.  Will you be able to accomplish what you are trying to make: absolutely!  There is nothing stopping you from learning for essentially free, without having to be attached to a college degree.  The wealth of knowledge on the internet, and use of open source technologies will get you a lot further (for free) than a college degree will, at least in terms of website management.  

I am in no way suggesting that college will not get you what you are after here.  Please do not misunderstand me on that point.  College degrees are required most of the time for those who either need structure and discipline, or want to get fast tracked on the essentials and core fundamentals of life subjects and strong focuses on whatever they are majoring in.  This is a proven structured method of learning that works for most, and provides opportunities after for real career employment.  

I am also saying that college is not essential to running a website with the right resources.

Knowledge on the Internet

More often than not, you will have to refer to your favorite search engine in order to get questions answered.  Some things that may be of interest and worthy of searching for:

  • Free website hosting (or if you're willing to pay for your website hosting, try only : website hosting service
  • If you want to get into blogs, articles, or more than some simple website, you want a Content Management System (CMS)
  • For each of these setups, you want to have some sort of theme to make the site your own

These are all simple examples of some credible locations you can look into, and see what fits both your budget and patience level.  Remember, all of these searches that you perform will require you to actually research and read into each article that shows up.  It's not something that you can snap your fingers and have done for you (short of paying for a company to manage it for you).

Open Source Technologies

Well, for starters, all of the Content Management Systems I mentioned above are open source technologies.  What this means is the code is freely visible, usable, and alterable by anyone in the community who wants to contribute to that particular project.  This allows for faster bug catches (and fixes), as well as the ability to request custom features that someone in the community will actually help you implement.

The hosting technology that is used is all based on open source.  Things such as the web server, load balancers, proxy servers, caching servers, routers and firewalls; yup, all based on open source technology in some way or another.  By making your website using one or more of the open source technologies out there, you are contributing to the community as well as being assured you will have a relatively stable technology stack to make your website run smoothly.

Where am I going with this?

Honestly, if you have the time and patience to do the research and see a lot of failure before you finally reach a working website; go for it!  The resources are available on the internet for almost any project size you can imagine, and I encourage you to look for some options available.  You will see a lot of stuff on "Stack Exchange" which is a very popular open forum on technology and more.  

You also have the option of hiring a web development company to manage your hosting, website, and any other concerns.  (Shameless self promotion)  You will find there are prices that vary widely from what may seem almost free, to tens of thousands of dollars, and everything in between.  That is why it is critical, as I've said before, to do your research and really understand what you're getting into before you start.  That is the only way you will really get the results you're after regarding college vs going at it yourself.

I hope that helps a bit :)

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i am also new bie in this section so i do not want to share wrong information...

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