What do you guys do to improve SEO for drupal ?

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What do you guys do to improve SEO for drupal ?

I am making a site for myself, Choosing drupal after seeing this site. just want some instructions about SEO in drupal.

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Well, thank you for choosing Drupal.  It really is a great content management system if you have the patience for the learning curve.  Having said that, there are honestly a lot of SEO options that are built into Drupal.

Think of things such as:

  • rdf data
  • themes with responsive design
  • core code adhering to coding compliance
  • additional modules that are contributed by the community having to comply with a coding standard

There are several modules I would highly recommend looking into to get Drupal "Optimized".  

Critical Modules for SEO


Pathauto will take a URL such as node/123 and turn it into a human readable (and search friendly) link like new/path (example: site.com/node/123 becomes site.com/story-about-kittens)


This is probably just as critical as the Pathauto module.  This allows you to control essentially every aspect of the metadata on your website..  If you stand any chance of being seen, the metadata you provide is critical to ranking in SERPs.


The Redirect module is also amazing for both SEO and navigational issues.  It will automatically add a 301 redirect (or 302 if you really want) from the old URL to the new URL that you changed your content to.  (example:  site.com/foo becomes site.com/bar, if a user navigates to site.com/foo they will be redirected to site.com/bar)

Global Redirect

The Global Redirect module does a good job of cleaning up some of the minor issues that get left behind with Drupal.  Things like 301 redirects from unaliased content to aliased content to prevent duplicate content (example: node/123 is the same as /story-about-kittens so both URLs are seen and are duplicate content)  This module fixes that, as well as cleaning up taxonomy pages and a few other nice options such as removing the trailing slash from URLs.

XML Sitemap

The XML Sitemap module is what allows you to show your content off to the search engines.  It generates a list (which you have to set) of content which is important, and sends that list to the search engines (currently only Google and Bing are supported) to be indexed.  What more can I say?  :)

Google Analytics

The Google Analytics module will install the tracking code needed for Google to see what is going on with your website, and where visitors are navigating to.  Google Analytics is a beast of its own, so I won't really get into that much - but this is a much needed module to be able to watch what is going on with your site and where people are going.  More importantly, watch where people leave your site.

Real-time SEO for Drupal

This module is absolutely essential to rank your pages.  It keeps track of all the important meta data, and allows you to on the spot change how your snippet will look on Google and other search engines.  Get real time results on what to change in your content, and why.  If you are not using this module, you are missing the mark and not realizing it :)

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can't share my views don't have much knowledge about this

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