How to embed YouTube or Vimeo videos in Forums

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How to embed YouTube or Vimeo videos in Forums

So it has been asked for, and your requests have been answered!  As of today, there in now an ability to embed YouTube and Vimeo videos directly into the forums.  This will allow for videos to be embedded inline with content (for reference and support for the relevant text) as well as those who wish to post other YouTube content in the forums (think music videos in the Water Cooler forums).  So without further ado, here's how to embed content from YouTube and Vimeo:

The very first thing you will notice is a new button in the editor as seen below:

This button is what allows you to embed the code from YouTube or Vimeo into the forum posting.  Press that button, and you will see the following Embed Media box show:

Inside this box, we want to paste the EMBED code, not the link to the video.  This is critical, a simple link to the video will not change the output, whereas the embed code will actually embed the content into the page.  With YouTube for example, you can get the embed code by clicking on Share.  You should see something similar to the image below:

In the Share dialog box that pops up, normally you would copy the URL only, but we need the embed code.  In the Share popup window, click on the 'Embed' button next to Copy.  You should get something very similar to below:

Now you can tweak how you want to embed the content, such as showing the title, player controls, etc.  Once you've done all that, press the copy button at the bottom right of the embed screen.  This will give you a simple line of code which you need to paste into the embed media box back at the forum page.  Paste the code into the Embed Media box, so it looks similar to below:

Once you paste this code into the Embed Media box, press OK and you will see the final results rendered inside the editor.  

You can then add more text, another video, more content, whatever you want.  Enjoy!

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