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Windows 10: The inside thought

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Windows 10: The inside thought

Okay, so to say it was painful to make work is an understatement... Don't get me wrong, the wow factor is absolutely there. It feels like a personal computer is finally _personal_. If you are not afraid to use cloud resources, and have your privacy essentially forced from you (you can no longer use a local account only, it has to be a microsoft account), well I suppose Windows 10 is for you. Yes, Cortona actually says "We are going to get rid of your local password", and it's sort of a crutch that we've decided is acceptable.

Did I lose you on that? It's that word "crutch" that I suppose is uncomfortable, right? I've said countless times, "Technology is a double edged sword." People want, need, have to have, the latest and greatest. It's who we are as consumers, and generally humans. Society has generally accepted that, and it's been long standing that technology is expensive. So in order to satisfy demand, we see things increasingly becoming popular because they are "free". Open Source Software is a prime example of this "free" concept. You are permitted to use the software, alter it (usually), and often depending on how it's licensed you can remake it into your own product and even sell it. This has sparked a huge innovation in the software development market, to include website development and website design companies. The latest applications are essentially nothing more than a website delivered to your mobile device (oversimplified but the point is there).

So why does this have anything to do with your privacy? Well, with cloud services, you do not actually possess the files, property, intellectual property, et al; instead, the cloud provider has all of that stored in their "secure servers". How much of your data is really secure though? You live in a society of social interaction through the internet, using services publically available all over the world. Millions upon millions of people use these services, almost out of obligation to remain informed. Let's face it, getting informed about Aunt Berta's homemade meatloaf is exciting, but did the world want to know about it? Honestly, no, nor did they ever see it. The reason: Even though the entire public can see the content Aunt Berta posted on , nobody cares enough to look it up and find out Aunt Berta makes a killer pie too.

My point is, society has donned an attitude of "nobody cares, so I don't either", so today when Microsoft took away my password, it didn't phase me.

Otherwise, Windows 10 is amazing on both performance and (eventually) usability. There does seem to be some (very) rough edges which make multiple monitor setups behave oddly. Windows open in the wrong screen, menus move from one screen to the next. Popups will open on a different monitor, but nothing notifies you it's there. These were all issues with Windows 8x as well, and it appears it's followed into Windows 10. The infamous start menu is actually usable again. Cortona is nice, but seriously, are you going to start talking to your computer at the office? So it's still something that is far from polished, and there are some inherent flaws you just need to accept because it's Microsoft.

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