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The Paradox of Facebook from a Marketing perspective

If you know the habits and behaviors of the people you are trying to reach, you are already ahead of the game with Facebook Marketing Tools and the Paradox.
What is the big deal with Facebook Marketing?

Remember I discussed...

Did Facebook create a Paradox?

Facebook created a paradox which helps marketing people like you get ahead! Figure out how marketing on Facebook with this paradox method will help you win.
Facebook Marketing through the Paradox Method

So what exactly do I mean by "Did Facebook create a Paradox?"

That might sound a little far...

I think Microsoft Edge has been Hijacked, what do I do?

Popup windows fail to display contents after first popup window has been opened | This is a known issue where Microsoft Edge Hijacked itself. The fix here.

"Microsoft Edge (Project Spartan) browser Popup windows fail to display contents after first popup window has been opened" - Per Microsoft .

Windows 10: The inside thought

Windows 10 is supposed to be evolutionary and honestly we're underwhelmed at best. Yes it has amazing features, but it was painful to get Windows 10 going.
Windows 10 is Painful

Okay, so to say it was painful to make work is an understatement ... Don't get me wrong, the wow factor is absolutely there...

Missing the mark on Facebook Marketing?

Are you missing the mark on Facebook Marketing or social media in general? We can help get your Facebook Marketing Campaign off the ground, and more!
Facebook Marketing is mysterious to some - but we have a trick or two

Sometimes, I really wonder why we do things the way we do. For example, when...

Intel SSD 750 Series

The Intel SSD 750 Series is impressive, sure - but will it hold on to the performance over time? Intel SSD models tend to perform better overall.
Intel SSD performance thoughts

"No Compromise Storage Has Arrived" is quite the statement. Following a very commanding "Performance Unleashed" as...

Artificial Intelligence | What Now?

Do computers dream? Artificial Intelligence may lend a resounding yes to that question; Artificial Intelligence can already generate art. What's next in AI?
Artificial Intelligence has many Applications

For those that haven't heard, Google Research...


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